Ease into your Maui vacation with an amazing in-room spa treatment performed by one of our outstanding massage therapists. There is absolutely no better way to get on ‘Maui-time’ than to simply melt into it.

Reservations for spa treatments at Ho’oilo House should be made in advance, although (with flexibility) it is usually possible to book once you are already on the island. Please email Amy and Dan if you have any questions, special requests or would like to make a treatment reservation.

All prices below are subject to sales tax. Detailed descriptions of our treatments can be found at the bottom of this page. Treatments are charged to your room. Gratuity is at your discretion and can be paid in cash to the therapist. 

Ho’oilo House Signature Treatment

Our ultimate spa experience. In addition to a full body massage, this treatment includes all of our enhancements: scalp treatment, muscle relief, foot scrub and balm, and Maui-made cocoa butter. Treatment concludes with a floral mist and a gift of bath salts.


Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Sports, and Pre-Natal

60 minute massage – $145

75 minute massage – $170

90 minute massage – $190

Customize your treatment by adding the following enhancements to your massage:

$20 each

Scalp Treatment

Muscle Relief

Foot Scrub & Balm

Maui-made Cocoa Butter

Email to Request a Treatment


Treatment Descriptions:

Ho’oilo House Signature Spa Treatment – In addition to a full body massage, this 90 minute treatment includes our spa enhancements. You will receive our muscle relief treatment that eases sore muscles, an invigorating scalp massage with blended essential oils to release tension, and a rejuvenating foot scrub and balm that brings circulation to soothe tired feet. The treatment concludes with a floral mist and a gift of bath salts.

Swedish – A very popular massage for relaxation and stress reduction. The universal massage used in health spas worldwide. It involves a combination of long sweeping massage strokes and gentle kneading.

Lomi Lomi – Hawaiians believe muscle tension and negative thinking can block energy flow, and they use massage to improve it. The lomi lomi massage is a beloved Hawaiian tradition that works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes–encouraging the recipient to relax, let go and simply ‘be’.

Sports – Sports massage is a perfect massage for very active guests who want more of a therapeutic treatment where specific issues can be addressed.

Pre-Natal – Pregnant women should not schedule pre-natal massages during the first trimester of pregnancy. This massage can decrease the strain on a woman’s joints, reduce swelling of the feet, and enable her to move with greater comfort and ease. Pre-natal massage also focuses on stimulating blood flow for both the mother-to-be and the baby.


Spa Enhancements

Scalp Treatment – Instantly relieve tension as we massage a refreshing blend of peppermint and rosemary essential oils into your hair and scalp to promote circulation and deep relaxation.

Muscle and Joint Relief – Allow sore muscles to relax to a deeper level with our muscle and joint relief lotion. An invigorating blend of essential oils of wintergreen, peppermint, camphor, and chamomile that soothes tired sore muscles.

Foot Scrub and Balm – Revive tired feet with reflexology using our rejuvenating foot scrub and balm blended with rosemary, peppermint, and ginger essential oils to bring circulation to sore feet.

Maui-made Cocoa Butter – Nourish and protect the skin with this decadent lotion. In addition to being extremely hydrating for the skin, it is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.